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Securitas Epay Login

The Securitas epay system has eased the way for employees who want to have access to their pay information conveniently.

This is important for some people in order to calculate their commissions and manage their tax information in the company records.

Securitas is providing these services in United States and Canada at the same time therefore hundreds of companies are getting benefit from this advancement in technology.

Read the following text in order to get information about login system of Securitas epay system.

  • First of all you have to know whether your organization have purchased the software and it has started working.
  • Your organization will provide you with your ID and pin which is necessary for logging in the system from your home PC. If you have not got any information regarding this thing then you have to contact your human resource department for these things.
  • After getting your login Id and password you will be able to login the software if you have a broadband connection at your home.
  • Make sure that your internet is working and then type in your browser for accessing securitas epay system.
  • Once the website is open, you will be asked for your ID, pin and the social security number.
  • Some people hesitate in providing their social security number online, which is a good practice, but Securitas assures the safety of all your information. Years of dedicated service from this company has made it reliable enough for providing the best security services in this area.
  • Write your social security number and Id in the respective fields. Press the login button to access the information. Login will be successful if you have entered the right information.
  • After login, you can access your personal work information for managing your tax and also access your pay stubs. It also allows you to take a print out of your data if needed.