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Securitas Epay Login

The Securitas epay system has eased the way for employees who want to have access to their pay information conveniently.

This is important for some people in order to calculate their commissions and manage their tax information in the company records.

Securitas is providing these services in United States and Canada at the same time therefore hundreds of companies are getting benefit from this advancement in technology.

Read the following text in order to get information about login system of Securitas epay system.

  • First of all you have to know whether your organization have purchased the software and it has started working.
  • Your organization will provide you with your ID and pin which is necessary for logging in the system from your home PC. If you have not got any information regarding this thing then you have to contact your human resource department for these things.
  • After getting your login Id and password you will be able to login the software if you have a broadband connection at your home.
  • Make sure that your internet is working and then type in your browser for accessing securitas epay system.
  • Once the website is open, you will be asked for your ID, pin and the social security number.
  • Some people hesitate in providing their social security number online, which is a good practice, but Securitas assures the safety of all your information. Years of dedicated service from this company has made it reliable enough for providing the best security services in this area.
  • Write your social security number and Id in the respective fields. Press the login button to access the information. Login will be successful if you have entered the right information.
  • After login, you can access your personal work information for managing your tax and also access your pay stubs. It also allows you to take a print out of your data if needed.

What Can You Do with Securitas Epay System?

Securitas Epay System

Headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, Securitas is one of the leading companies in providing security services to different companies all over the world.

It has recently announced the Securitas epay system for the convenience of both employees as well as any company in managing payroll system. This is a software providing direct access to the pay stub and pay account management for employees of any organization.

Any employee can benefit from the vast and convenient access to their payroll system. This software has also decreased the worries of human resource department because they do not have to manage any paper work at all.

Access pay stub through phone

After having a partnership with Talx, Securitas has become successful in providing the pay stub information to respective employees on a phone call.

This information is available to employees on 24/7 bases therefore, this has added in to the convenience of general public. You will be provided a fax copy of your pay stub if you request so on phone.

Operator will ask you to press different buttons for pay stub information, status of your fax request and changing your pin. You will be asked to enter your social security number and ID to login first.

Direct deposit maintenance

The Securitas epay system allows you to make changes to your deposit account and the payable amount. This can be done when you sit at your home PC after logging in the website of Securitas. The item of ‘direct deposit maintenance’ is present on sub menu in this website.

Pay Stub Survey

The item of Pay Stub Survey is also present on the sub menu of this website and you can use it to check out your present or previous pay stub information.

W-4 update sub menu

The main menu of Securitas epay website has the option of w-4 update which allows you to update your name, personal data and address. This option is helpful in tax related issues.

Securitas Epay – A New and More Helpful Paperless Pay System

Paperless Pay System

A computer program that is mainly used to handle and organize the pay stubs of the payroll department is called Securitas epay.

It’s a latest and foolproof system that is offered to companies to make sure that the process of issuing payment checks to the employees is completely secure and convenient.

The Securitas epay is an excellent payroll system and a good substitution of usual payroll system. It is also known as “TALX paperless pay system”.

Several companies used formerly these payroll systems for its special benefits. The advantageous payroll system is helpful for the employers as well as employees.

Basically Securitas epay is software that a company can buy for it. If this software is in use of your firm, it allows direct deposit functionality, and also keeps their employees up-to-date about the details of tax such as the W-4.

Moreover, it is also very useful for the company who wants to reproduce the information about agendas, payments, and other important details.

How to use Securitas epay:

There are two very important points about using the TALX paperless pay system or Securitas Pay for providing proper guidance about how this software helpful for your firm’s payroll operations.

  1. The company should have a computer with BB (broadband) connection with company’ Internet. All the spectacles must have in the computer such as sufficient space on disk, enough RAM, and others which are specified in the software.
  2. One who manages and responsible of payroll system of your company, and who has total access to all the testimony of company employees.

Major advantages of Securitas epay computer program:

Saving money: Companies can save their finance through Securitas epay, because they send mail paystubs to their employees. They save money by printing the paper stubs.

Easy accessibility to the previous records: If you need a past record you should have just a computer with internet.

Preferable for employees: This system is also very helpful for the employees and they prefer it over other usual payroll techniques. – Talx Paperless Payroll System

Securitas Epay Payroll System

A successful and brilliant in-charge of a company is who manages and controls whole payroll system efficiently. In the past, companies use the physical pay stubs for their record and use the money to print these stubs.

Now, there is a more effective and foolproof method for payroll system is “Securitas Epay”, which is a worldwide famous computer program.

In fact, if you are looking for a security company who works online and have efficient services such as observing, consulting, and examining the entire paperless pay services, then visit immediately

This is a computer softer and also known as the “TALX paperless pay system”. It is active up to 60 countries on various continents. If you want to save payments in a safe way, then login Securitas epay and comfortably manage the entire payroll.

How to Login Securitas Epay:

The main headquarters of well known Securitas epay is in Stockholm, Sweden. It is very important to be employee of a registered company in securities pay to login

On the other hand, you will not log-in successfully. To check the details and important information about payroll, a large number of employees use the Securitas epay system.

  • Necessary conditions to login to Securitas epay:
  • The computer or laptop which is used by you should have an Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0.
  • Install Mozilla Firefox 2.0 on your computer.
  • Your system should have adequate RAM, space on disk, and Java script.
  • The settings of your computer’s monitor should be 1024 x 768.
  • You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 on the computer.

Securitas epay can be personalized to fit for your needs. Companies who are paid for organizing the salaries of their employees will like that the pay stubs can be customized very simply.

You can select from lots of designs, color schemes, and various templates which is expensive if you use formal printing pay stubs.